In the 2022 Census, Women of Color will be in charge of work places.

Desiree Peterkin Bell
4 min readMar 29, 2022


According to Desiree Peterkin Bell, It is important for organizations to look at how much time and money they spend on programs for women of color and on programs for white men to make sure they work. An organization should also do a pay audit to find out if there are any pay gaps and look for women of color to fill open jobs. In addition to looking at pay gaps, companies should try to hire women of color. In particular, this is important for women who already have a job at a high level of management.

Research shows that academic scholarship can help people who hire and promote people. Dr. Tara J. Yosso’s model of cultural capital, which is often not used, emphasizes how important it is to know how to navigate social institutions. This model was made for students of color in higher education, but it can also be used by women of color in the workplace. This method is good at increasing the rate at which underrepresented talent stays with businesses.

You should think about the needs of women of color when you hire someone to be a manager. The women of color may not be as confident as their white counterparts, but they still have to deal with racial discrimination. Stereotypes about her intelligence, her ability to manage a big project, or her status as an illegal immigrant might be made about her by people who know her. This bias hurts both the progress of women and the success of their businesses.

Desiree Peterkin Bell explained that, Even though there have been a lot of changes in the workplace, women of color still don’t have many jobs at the top. It doesn’t matter how hard people try to make things better for women of color, they still get hurt by small things at the same rate as their white peers. In addition, the number of white women in high-level jobs has risen in recent years, but the number of women of color hasn’t. Between the entry level and the top job, the number of women of color drops by 75%.

Despite progress in the workplace, women of color still have a lot to deal with. In particular, the “broken rung” barrier still holds true for Black women. The managers of these women don’t help them as much as they should, and they are more likely to be sexually harassed. If they don’t get a promotion, they might leave the company and look for a new job. They may be in jobs that aren’t as supportive for women who stay at work. They may also be able to move up in their jobs.

Investing in women of color is very important for making the workplace more diverse. A company that invests in education can offer computer science classes in elementary schools. These courses, which are important for women of color, will make it more likely that they will be able to hold leadership positions in the future. Women of color, on the other hand, are more likely to speak up in meetings and speak out against discrimination, as well. These women will be more likely to help and guide women of color.

When it comes to women of color, there will be more problems to deal with in 2020. They have different experiences because of their race and gender. In general, they are less likely to get the help they need from their bosses and get promoted more slowly than white women. It also affects Black women’s view of the workplace and how interested they are in going out on their own because managers don’t speak up for them, they say. Women of color who don’t have a lot of opportunities to be leaders are very important for their careers.

Desiree Peterkin Bell revealed that, People who are of a different race aren’t as likely to speak up when they see signs of discrimination, a study says. They are more likely to help when they feel like they have been recognized for their work. Women can boost their self-esteem and feel more confident at work if they build friendships with other women. It’s a good thing for everyone in the end. Work places that are more diverse will, in fact, attract more employees.

Investing in workplace diversity for women of color can help businesses make more money. While women from all backgrounds are important, it is important to make sure both groups do well. However, a diverse workplace can be good for innovation, productivity, and the bottom line, but it can also be bad. But women of color need more than just the same chances. Companies that have more female leaders can have better cultures if they have more women in charge. They can also help the whole company do better.



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